The Ann B. Davis 2001: A Trash Odyssey
Finals Tossups by Mike Burger

1.Originally released in Japan under the title of Lugia's Explosive Birth in 1999, it (*) premiered in the United States in July of 2000. The villian, Lawerence III, is trying to capture Lugia before the protagonist can get him. A bizarre and somewhat ironic fable of the balance between the hoarding of goods and earthly environmental balance, identify -- for 10 points -- this sequel to a movie and another in a continuing saga of Melody, Misty and Ash.
answer: Pokémon the Movie 2000: The Power of One or Poketto Monsutaa: Maboroshi No Pokemon X: Lugia Bakudan
2.This book, mostly a collection of a saga serialized in eight issues of The Acme Novelty Laboratory, (*) this book tells the story of a socially inept man who decides to visit his estranged father. Included is a sub-plot where the title character's grandfather has his life examined in late 19th century Chicago. For 10 points -- name this book told in comic form whose title is an ironic rather than an accurate description of the title character
answer: Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth
3.He finished is college career in 1996, leaving as the all-time leader in assists and three-pointers and leading his school with an upset of Maryland in the 1995 tournament. Drafted out of Santa Clara (*) by Phoenix, he was traded to Dallas when he couldn't break past Jason Kidd. For 10 points -- name this current Maverick point guard and standout for the Canadian national team.
answer: Steve Nash
4.Curtis Salgado was the last full-time one for a studio album, while Alex Lightwood did it four separate times. (*) Greg Walker and Leon Patillo also saw time, while the most famous was probably Greg Rolie. For 10 points -- name this group all of these singers were at one time the lead singer, but saw the position go to mostly guest stars such as Dave Mathews, Wycleaf Jean and most notably Rob Thomas.
answer: lead singers of Santana
5.Secondary characters on this show include Backpack, Tico and Seńor Tucan (*). Like Blue's Clues, the same episode airs Monday through Friday. Like Sesame Street, there are portions of the show devoted to the learning of Spanish. For 10 points -- name this cartoon show that encourages children to answer the show's characters when a question is asked, the child is expected to answer, whether the question comes from CBS, Telemundo or Nickelodeon.
answer: Dora the Explorer or Dora la Exploradora
6.Started as a place to show art house films in Buffalo, New York in 1979, their first (*) branch into distribution with The Secret Policeman's Other Ball cost them $180,000 and grossed $6 million. A string of four consecutive Foreign Film Oscars and their distribution of Quentin Tarantino's films have helped their reputation. For 10 points -- identify this distributor, now a division of Disney, founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein.
answer: Miramax
7.A college freshman returns back to California after his first term at New Hampshire College, mainly because his girl friend wants him there. (*) The entire time of his break is spent pursuing one cheap thrill after another, trying to reunite with Blair or trying to keep his best friend Julian from a deadly heroin habit. For 10 points -- identify this 1980's novel about the adventures of Clay finding no direction at home written by Bret Easton Ellis.
answer: Less Than Zero
8.In the N.L., a first baseman can do it when he is not on first base when receiving a pick-off throw. (*) In both leagues, the catcher can do it when he is not positioned in the catcher's box when receiving a pitch. However, it's usually the pitcher who does this, with most records set in 1998 when the rule was strictly enforced, including Dave Stewart's season high of 16 and Jim Gott's inning high of 3. For 10 points -- identify this rule that basically says a pitcher can't fake a throw.
answer: balk
9.Just hit me with the truth. Now, girl, you're more than welcome to, (*) so give me one good reason. Baby, come on I lived for you and me and now I've really come to see that life would be much better once you're gone. I know that I can't take no more. It ain't no lie. I wanna see you out that door -- because for 10 points baby, it's what from this N*Sync song.
answer: Bye, Bye, Bye
10.Characters on this show included newsman Bob Charles, Frosty Kimmelman, and Dioxin Dolly. (*) Cast members included Danny Breen, who is now a producer on Whose Line is it Anyway? and Mitchell Laurance, who now does billiard commentary for ESPN. For 10 points -- name this 1983-1990 HBO series that featured new audio for news events and Sniglets, words that shouldn't be in the dictionary but should.
answer: Not Necessarily the News
11.His early movie career was mainly as a screenwriter and producer, including the 1944 Jane Eyre and the Mercury Theater War of the Worlds broadcast in 1939. (*) As an actor, he was never above parodying his reputation, playing a driving instructor in The Naked Gun and being Ricky Schroder's grandfather on Silver Spoons. For 10 points -- name this actor best known for Smith-Barney commercials and as the tough professor Charles Kingsfield in The Paper Chase.
answer: John Houseman or Jaques Haussman
12.Founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois, Gus Belt was looking to add to his Shell station and chicken shack. (*) So, Gus would wait for the busiest time in his counter-only restaurant, wheel in a barrel of steaks, and grind them into hamburgers. Originally confined to the Midwest, this chain is now expanding nationwide, still serving its food on china. For 10 points -- name this red-and-black building chain whose slogan says "In Sight It Must be Right".
answer: Steak 'n' Shake
13.One legend says he was offered $10,000 by the Detroit Lions to retire from the Chicago Bears. Born with the first name Bronislaw (bro-KNEE-suave) in Ontario in 1908, he (*) was an All-American at both fullback and tackle in 1929 for Minnesota. He played with the Bears at fullback and linebacker from 1930-1937 until deciding pro wrestling was more lucrative. For 10 points -- identify this player whose name is now attached to the NCAA defensive player of the year.
answer: Bronko (Bronislaw) Nagurski
14.Hank Williams did it in 1953 with Kaw-Liga. A Change is Going to Come in 1965 (*) for Sam Cooke. Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay in 1968 for Otis Redding. Time In a Bottle for Jim Croce in 1974. Just Like Starting Over for John Lennon in 1991. For 10 points -- identify this phenomenon most recently associated with Tupac Shakur's The Changes and Big Pun's It's Hard.
answer: posthumous #1 songs (accept equivalent)
15.Her current companion is The Cosby Show and Roseanne producer Tom Werner. She's been at her current job since 1991, although (*) the media insiders are abuzz with her recent decision to go back to wearing glasses on the air, since her longtime producer and glasses-hating Jeff Zucker is gone. For 10 points -- name this bundle of perkiness that earns $7 million a year as the co-host of the Today Show.
answer: Katherine "Katie" Couric
16.Born in American Samoa in 1961, he continues to be a hard-working actor despite no breakout role. He played Martin Brundle in The Fly (*), McDonald in Rob Roy and Nathaniel Branden in The Passion of Ayn Rand. For 10 points -- name this red-haired actor whose greater known works include the starring roles in both the 1986 version of Mask and Some Kind of Wonderful.
answer: Eric Stoltz
17.The headquarters of Harley-Davidson, the Burled Arch in Nome, Alaska, (*) The Toronto Maple Leafs, Yellowstone National Park, BassMasters Classic, Yahoo!, Paseo del Prado and Mayfair all represent -- for 10 points -- what space worth $107 per square inch or $400 total, that can be improved to $2,000 with the addition of four hotels.
answer: Boardwalk
18.Born in Bergen, Norway in 1911, he came to the United States and became a defense industry engineer. (*) However, his passion led him to inventing, finally coming up with the heel-toe balanced putter. Eventually, he created a whole line of golf clubs from his manufacturing plant in Phoenix. For 10 points -- name this golf legend -- the namesake for a golf tournament that saw Europe stop a U.S. three-event winning streak in Luss, Scotland in 2000.
answer: Karsten Solheim
19.They disbanded briefly after the 1983 release of Electric Light, temporarily (*) stopping a successful string that included two soundtrack hits, the inexplicable Got To Get You Into My Life and the incomparable Shining Star. Founder Maurice White left the group a few years ago when Parkinson's disease began to linger on and on well beyond September. For ten points, name this soul/funk group also famous for After The Love is Gone and Boogie Wonderland.
answer: Earth, Wind and Fire
20.Its disappearance is mainly due to a power play between RCA and the F.C.C. (*) After its disallocation, it first went to FM radio, but when that moved up the spectrum, it was reassigned for two-way radio systems. In history, only one station, WNBC, was assigned to this frequency. For 10 points -- name this long gone entity, but has been resurrected in at least name only in schools throughout the nation with commercials disguised as news.
answer: Channel One
21.Taking over seven years to make, this war movie showed neither side as the good guy or the villain. Finally released in 1970, it (*) features James Whitmore as Admiral Halsey, Jason Robards as General Short and Asao Uchida as Tojo. For 10 points -- identify this movie that starts with the German invasion of Poland, followed by political actions from the Japanese and American sides and concluding with the attack on Pearl Harbor, co-produced by both Japanese and American filmmakers.
answer: Tora! Tora! Tora!
22.The newest series in this comic strip will explore the world of Ele, a marsupial living in Pangea. Previous (*) series included the travails of Danae, a little girl that hated everything, the quests of ObviousMan to explain the world, and Homer, a cave-girl who traveled through time. For 10 points, name this comic strip, unique that he gives newspapers both a horizontal and vertical version, drawn by Wiley referring to the Latin phrase "It does not follow."
answer: Non Sequitur
23.Developed by law student Cameron Argetsinger in 1948, this course was the location for the F-1 U.S. Grand Prix from 1961 through 1980. (*) One of only two road courses in the NASCAR circuit, it features seven right-hand turns within its eleven corners. For 10 points -- name this racing venue whose 2000 NASCAR event, The Global Crossing was won by Steve Park at the only NASCAR venue in the state of New York.
answer: Watkins Glen

1.Identify these two-sport stars from different eras for 10 points each.
a.(10) This 6-team NHL center mostly with Philadelphia and Toronto in the 1980's and 1990's also played for the Toronto Blizzard of the NASL in 1984.
answer: Peter Zezel
b.(10) This first baseman-outfielder for the White Sox, Red Sox and Indians from 1963-1971 retired mid-season in 1971 to join the pro golf tour, with his best outing being missing the cut by one stroke in the 1973 British Open.
answer: Ken "Hawk" Harrelson
c.(10) This Pirate shortstop of the 1960's also played basketball for the Fort Wayne Pistons in the 1950's.
answer: Dick Groat
2.Answer these questions on one of TV's most enduring personalities, Ms. Betty White, on a 5-5-10-10 basis.
a.(5) Ms. White currently plays Mitzi Stiles on what CBS sitcom?
answer: Ladies Man
b.(5) Ms. White portrayed what character on the Mary Tyler Moore show?
answer: Sue Ann Nivens
c.(10) She starred with Marie Osmond on what very forgettable 1995 ABC series.
answer: Maybe This Time
d.(10) Her breakthrough series was this 1953 syndicated situation comedy that featured Ms. White in the title role.
answer: Life with Elizabeth
3.For this bonus, you will need a steady hand. Now in front of you is the board game operation with each of the cavities filled with their requisite plastic bone. One team member will attempt to pull out a bone, and will receive 10 points if the bone is successfully pulled out, or zero points if the red light comes on, even for a second. The bonus is over when either 30 points have been earned or if each team member has gone once. If your team has less than four players, players may repeat as necessary to get four turns.
4.Given a tidbit from a 2000 movie as reviewed by Mr. Cranky, identify the movie for 10 points each.
a.(10) A four bomb recipient, he stated "If I'm going to make the time to see a stupid film about women dancing on a bar, please make it a stupid movie about nude women dancing on a bar. Can you believe that somebody in the Bruckheimer fold actually suggested they make a PG-13 "Showgirls" and it happened?
answer: Coyote Ugly
b.(10) Of this dynamite recipient, Mr. Cranky said "For music, Heckerling appears to have pulled records from her collection that she was unable to auction off on eBay. I mean, at one point in this film, "Scarborough Fair" kicks in for no apparent reason."
answer: Loser
c.(10) For this four bomb movie, he said "Is it just me, or does anybody else see some hypocrisy in Hollywood trying to teach us moral lessons? By the time this film was over, I felt like I had just been a pallbearer at Oprah's funeral."
answer: Pay It Forward
5.40-30-20-10-1, Identify the musical group.
40.They have more than one member.
30.Named for the street on which they rehearsed, a Star Search appearance gave them national exposure in 1984.
20.Recent country hits include Treat Her Right and Drive Me Wild
10.Their most successful album is The Dirt Road while their best crossover success is 1985's Step That Step.
X.The street mentioned in the 30 point clue was Sawyer Brown.
answer: Sawyer Brown
6.Given a recent aviation mishap, name the celebrity involved on a 5-10-15 basis.
a.(5) Her plane skidded off an icy runway in Jackson's Hole, Wyoming eerily mimicking her role in Forces of Nature.
answer: Sandra Bullock
b.(10) This actor walked away from a June 2000 crash under reports that he was drunk and/or high while landing his plane.
answer: Patrick Swayze
c.(15) This English singer was on the Nigerian plane that nearly went down due to a crazed passenger in December of 2000.
answer: Bryan Ferry
7.Given a cable TV "personality", and we use the term loosely, name the cable channel he or she is currently associated with for the stated number of points.
a.(4) John Edward
answer: Sci-Fi channel
b.(6) John Gibson
answer: Fox News Channel
c.(8) Lynette Jennings
answer: Discovery Channel
d.(12) Stephanie Miller
answer: Oxygen
8.Welcome to "Before They Ran the Team." You will be given a picture from the late 1970's of an athlete that is presently or recently a coach and/or manager. Given the sport, for 10 each, identify the player.
a.(10) baseball
answer: Phil Garner
b.(10) hockey
answer: Larry Robinson
c.(10) soccer
answer: Franz Beckenbauer
9.It is rare that when a movie is brought to TV, an actor plays both roles. On a 5-10-15 basis, identify the actor from roles who played it in both film and TV.
a.(5) M*A*S*H*, Radar O'Reilly
answer: Gary Burghoff
b.(10) Harper Valley P.T.A., Stella Johnson
answer: Barbara Eden
c.(15) Baby Boom, Fritz Curtis
answer: Sam Wanamaker
10.In 1989, four excruciatingly bad albums managed to hit the #1 spot on the Billboard chart consecutively. Given the dates and the artist, name the band for 6 points each with a bonus 6 for all correct.
a.(10) Richard Marx on September 2, 1989.
answer: Repeat Offender
b.(10) New Kids on the Block on September 9 and 16, 1989.
answer: Hangin' Tough
c.(10) Milli Vanilli on September 23 and 30, 1989.
answer: Girl You Know It's True
d.(10) Paula Abdul on October 7, 1989.
answer: Forever Your Girl
11.Given a 2000 NCAA championship event, name the competitors for 5 points each.
a.(10) Division I-AA football
answer: Georgia Southern vs. Montana
b.(10) Women's Division I volleyball
answer: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin
c.(10) Men's Division I soccer
answer: Connecticut over Creighton
12.Since this is a tournament that honors a TV domestic, given the TV domestic, name his or her show for the stated number of points.
a.(3) Florence Johnson
answer: The Jeffersons
b.(6) Geoffrey -- no last name was ever given during the run of the show
answer: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
c.(9) Adelaide Brubaker
answer: Diff'rent Strokes
d.(12) Peter Tong
answer: Bachelor Father
13.Given the sounds of a 1980's arcade game, name the game being played for 10 each. answers: a-Pengo, b-Qix, c-Galaga
14.40-30-20-10-1, name the actor from movies.
40.This person has not won any Uruguayan film awards.
30.Bimini Code and McCinsey's Island.
20.Thunderlips in Rocky III.
10."Hurricane" Spencer in Thunder in Paradise, Man in Black in Muppets in Space
1.Hulk Hogan in Gremlins II
answer: Hulk "Hollywood" Hogan or Terry Bollea
15.Although some were just playing in the band with minimal damage, others can be an integral part of a band's sound. On a 5-10-15 scale, identify these famous percussionists.
a.(10) More famous for her 1980's hit The Glamorous Life, she is still in demand as a session percussionist, mainly for timbales.
answer: Shelia E or Sheila Escovedo
b.(10) This Greatful Dead drummer's post-Dead project is Planet Drum, an all-percussion rock band.
answer: Mickey Hart
c.(10) Most famous for playing the bongos on the unplugged version of Layla, he also played percussion for many of Elton John and George Harrison's albums.
answer: Ray Cooper
16.For 10 points each -- given an NHL record, name the record holder.
a.(10) Team with most 50 goal scorers in a season, with 3 in 1984 and 1986.
answer: Edmonton or Oilers
b.(10) The record for points in a season before Wayne Gretzky with 152 points in 1971.
answer: Phil Esposito
c.(10) The record for consecutive games played, from Oct. 8, 1975 through Oct. 10, 1987.
answer: Doug Jarvis
17.Cursed, The Stephen Weber Show, The Weber Show, it just keeps on changing names. However, this is not the only TV series to change names during its run. Identify these other shows for 10 points each.
a.(10) This ABC comedy was originally called These Friends of Mine in 1994.
answer: Ellen
b.(10) During the first two months of its 1985 run, The Colbys went under what name?
answer: Dynasty II: The Colbys
c.(10) This 1996 ABC comedy show actually had title sponsors giving it a new name practically every week, including Taco Bell, which pulled out after the first episode, and Mug Root Beer.
answer: The Dana Carvey Show
18.Given a short description of a company from, name the recently shrunk or deceased dot-com for 10 points each.
a.(10) Free ISP service wasn't making any money. The execs sat around in their board room one day scratching thier heads trying to figure out just why they weren't making any money. The result of that meeting? They now charge actual *money* to their customers.
b.(10) Universal's highly polished venture into the world of online pay-me-for-access-to-bandwidth-robbing-slow-loading-chunky-ass-videos-that-give-me-a-headache, , served 40% of its employees pithy pink crumpets with their morning coffee.
c.(10) Ask him if he's gay and he'll tell you that he prefers the term "jovial". Still, he just laid off 180 people.
19.Identify these things about movies with very little dialogue for 10 points each.
a.(10) This 1981 film featured Ringo Starr, John Matuszak, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long, Richard Moll and Avery Schriever. Don't you just want to go out and see it right now?
answer: Caveman
b.(10) Who was the only actor to utter any dialogue in the 1976 film Silent Movie?
answer: Marcel Marceau
c.(10) This 1988 Jean-Jaques Annaud film is unusual since it is seen from the animal's point of view rather than the humans.
answer: Bear
20.Identify the Pearl Jam studio album from tracks for 10 points each.
a.(10) Not For You, Corduroy, Spin The Black Circle, Last Exit
answer: Vitalogy
b.(10) Even Flow, Jeremy, Black, Alive
answer: Ten
c.(10) Brain of J., Given to Fly, Do the Evolution, All Those Yesterdays
answer: Yield
21.Answer these questions about minor league baseball changes for 2001 for 10 each.
a.(10) This league is stretching its geographic borders by moving franchises into Lexington, KY and Lakewood, NJ for 2001.
answer: South Alantic League or SAL or Sally League
b.(10) The Mudville Nine represent what California city.
answer: Stockton
c.(10) The Albuquerque Dukes, the longtime home of the Los Angeles Dodgers Triple-A team, are moving to what city for 2001?
answer: Portland, Oregon
22.40-30-20-10-1. Name the actor from clues.
40.OK. He's male.
30.He played Kenny, the scheming partner in an outdoor goods catalog store in the painful sitcom Blue Skies in 1994.
20.He was a regular on the Carol and Company show as well as Dr. Mark Devanow on Mad About You.
10.He currently plays Paul Thomas Lassiter on Spin City.
1.He was billed as "Special Guest Star Richard Kind" on Instant Comedy with the Groundlings.
answer: Richard Kind