In The Box

In my opinion, one of the weaknesses in the APBA Hockey game is the penalty system.  Unfortunately, the original system doled out too many penalties and each successive version has tried to kludge the system rather than just starting from scratch.  This article will go into how the system works, how to calculate what numbers […]

The Dreaded Shootout

I am an avid player of the APBA hockey game but I only play tournaments. Since I need to play playoff-style overtimes, I never had to deal with the shootout. However, when I got the 2014 Olympic set, I would have to use the shootout, because that’s what the Olympics did.  Even though my Olympic […]


I’ve been playing APBA since I was 10.  Over the years, I’ve noticed things that sometimes fall in the space of “do I ignore it and keep it real” or “do I take advantage of it and have it be a little odd.”  Setting up your outfield based on the other team’s error numbers, playing […]