Genealogy of Charles B. Goldy
Charles B. Goldy
BD: 1919
BP: Montana, USA
DD: 16-Feb-1982
DP: Yellowstone, Montana, USA
 Floyd Benjamin Goldy
BD: 25-Feb-1884
DD: 25-Mar-1963
DP: Klamath, Oregon, United States

Other Children:
Ethel Belle Goldy+
Bessie M. Goldy+
Ida Eliza Goldy+
Robert F. Goldy+

 Charles S. Baker
BD: 13-Mar-1857
BP: Laona, Winnebago, Illinois, USA
DD: 20-Jan-1935
DP: Durand, Winnebago, Illinois
 Clara Elizabeth Baker
BD: 1884
BP: Illinois, USA
DD: 08-May-1952
DP: Stillwater, Montana, USA
«MD: 1879

Other Children:
Vivian Julia Baker+
Belle Lissie Baker+
Steuart Charles Baker+
Harry Baker
Roy Haskell Baker+

 Elon Yee Yale
BD: 03-May-1818
BP: Saint-André-d'Argenteuil, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada
DD: 07-Jan-1897
DP: Shirland, Winnebago, Illinois, USA
 Hattie C. Yale
BD: 20-Dec-1862
BP: Shirland, Winnebago, Illinois, USA
DD: 05-Oct-1941
DP: Durand, Winnebago, Illinois
«MD: 21-Jan-1845

Other Children:
Lucinda Yale+
Luther M. Yale+
Clarissa J. Yale
James W. Yale+
Albert T. G. Yale+
Caroline Yale
Ada Eliza Yale+
Elon Lee Yale+
Joseph Yale+

 Susan E. Woolworth
BD: 21-Jan-1827
BP: Melbourne, Le Val-Saint-François, Quebec, Canada

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