Genealogy of Bertha Gheldof
Bertha Gheldof
BD: 24-Nov-1898
BP: Westrozebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
DD: 25-Apr-1996
DP: Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, USA
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Married: Alfred Joseph Siterlet
BD: 13-Aug-1891
BP: Michigan, USA
DD: 27-Aug-1957
MD: 04-Aug-1914
ChildrenBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
Donald J. Siterlet
? Siterlet
Alfred Siterlet19151915
Jennie Loretta Siterlet+20-Jan-1916Michigan, USA05-Nov-2007Carleton, Monroe, Michigan
Joseph C. Siterlet+08-Jun-1919Michigan, USA18-Mar-1988Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, USA
August Leo Siterlet+31-Aug-192015-Sep-1989Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, USA
George Edward Siterlet+31-Mar-192222-Oct-1985Ash, Monroe, Michigan
Cecilia Theresa Siterlet+16-May-1927Michigan, USA02-Jul-1995Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan
Charles James Siterlet07-Feb-1929Michigan, USA18-Oct-2002Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, USA
Julius F. Joe Siterlet+11-Jan-1932Michigan, USA29-Sep-2000Tarrant, Texas, USA
Francis B. Siterlet+28-Jan-1938Michigan, USA20-Apr-2000Monroe, Monroe, Michigan, USA

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