Genealogy of Joseph Roy Horger
Joseph Roy Horger
BD: 18-Jul-1915
BP: Michigan, USA
DD: 20-Dec-1993
DP: Lyon, Oakland, Michigan
 George Michael Horger
BD: 15-Nov-1877
BP: Michigan, USA
DD: 17-Dec-1961
DP: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA
 George Michael Horger
BD: 1858
DD: 1920

Other Children:

 Michael Schlaff
BD: 01-Oct-1820
BP: Düngenheim, Cochem-Zell, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
DD: 22-Jun-1896
DP: Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA
«MD: 01-Nov-1904

Other Children:
Gladys A Horger+
Catharine Grace Horger
Wilbur J. Horger+
Allice M Horger+
George H. Horger+
Vernice Marie Horger+

 Anna Barbara Schlaff
BD: 26-Aug-1859
BP: Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA
DD: 09-Jun-1941
DP: Michigan, USA

Other Children:
Sibilla Theresa Schlaff+
Mary Schlaff+
Catherine Schlaff+
Anthony M. Schlaff+
Luisa Schlaff

 Sibilla Ackermann
BD: 1826
BP: Germany
DD: 14-Oct-1895
DP: Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA
 Alice Mulcahy
BD: 14-Dec-1886
BP: Stuart, Guthrie, Iowa, USA
DD: 25-Aug-1949
DP: Shelby, Macomb, Michigan, USA
Married: Pearl Irene Jackson
BD: 14-Jan-1918
BP: Benson, North Dakota, USA
DD: 15-Jan-1995
DP: Westland, Wayne, Michigan, USA
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