Genealogy of Cecile A. Turnacliff
Cecile A. Turnacliff
BD: 25-Sep-1904
BP: Minnesota, USA
DD: 06-Apr-1981
DP: Valley, Montana, USA
 Jay Barber Turnacliff
BD: 05-Sep-1880
BP: Minnesota, USA
DD: 10-May-1961
DP: Powell, Montana, USA
 Jackson Turnacliff
BD: 06-May-1836
BP: New York, USA
DD: 27-Nov-1888
DP: Woodville, Waseca, Minnesota, USA
 Ferdinand Turnacliff
BD: 11-Sep-1813
BP: Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USA
DD: 23-Oct-1892
DP: Wilton, Waseca, Minnesota, USA
«MD: 12-Jun-1834

Other Children:
Amelia Ann Turnacliff
Delevan Deberah Turnacliff+
Sally Turnacliff
Mathilda Turnacliff+


Other Children:
Minnie Turnacliff
Mina Loah Turnacliff+
Elsie Lavern Turnicliff+
Laura Turnicliff+
Ferdinand Jackson Turnacliff+
Walter Delevan Turnacliff+
Rill Roy Turnacliff+

 Maria Jackson
BD: 12-Apr-1812
BP: Champion, Jefferson, New York, USA
DD: 06-Dec-1862
DP: Wilton, Waseca, Minnesota, USA

Other Children:
Leonard J. Turnacliff+

 Lucy Alvira Barber
BD: 06-Feb-1841
DD: 08-Aug-1918
DP: Woodville, Waseca, Minnesota, USA
 Susan Seaman
BD: 1884
BP: Minnesota, USA
DD: 13-Jun-1965
DP: Phillips, Montana, USA
Married: Lisle Robert Squires
BD: 12-Feb-1894
BP: Wisconsin, USA
DD: 26-May-1990
DP: Valley, Montana, USA
MD: 02-Jun-1926
ChildrenBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
Donna L Squires

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