Genealogy of Clyde Albert Jackson
Clyde Albert Jackson
BD: 26-Apr-1909
BP: Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 10-Apr-1999
DP: Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Reuben Coats Jackson
BD: 18-Feb-1881
BP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 08-Jan-1960
DP: Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Albert Knowlton Jackson
BD: 21-Mar-1849
BP: Pittsfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 11-Apr-1912
DP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 James C. Jackson
BD: 05-Oct-1816
BP: Champion, Jefferson, New York, USA
DD: 18-May-1898
«MD: 10-Feb-1848

Other Children:
Sally Jackson
Antoinette Jackson
Charles Edward Jackson+
Emma L. Jackson
Amy Jackson+

«MD: 04-Oct-1876

Other Children:
Lois Gertrude Jackson+
LeRoy Allen Jackson+

 Jael Kent Coats
BD: 22-Jan-1819
BP: Amherst, New York, USA
DD: 24-Mar-1900
DP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
«MD: 04-Apr-1907

Other Children:
Treva M. Jackson+
Lloyd James Jackson+

 Marion Allen
BD: 07-Mar-1854
BP: Hinckley, Medina, Ohio, USA
DD: 25-Mar-1881
DP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Docia R. Crow
BD: 02-Oct-1888
BP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 17-Apr-1977
DP: Rochester, Lorain, Ohio, USA
Married: Margaret Bell Ray
BD: 10-Dec-1910
BP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 26-Aug-1995
DP: Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, USA
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