Genealogy of David Ambrose Curtice
David Ambrose Curtice
BD: 22-Apr-1845
DD: 1924
DP: Ohio, USA
 Joel Curtice
BD: 20-Jan-1804
DD: 27-Nov-1887
 Hosea Curtice
BD: 13-Feb-1774
BP: Hawley, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
DD: 05-Feb-1864
DP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Hosea Curtice
BD: 25-Jul-1739
DD: 17-Jul-1819
DP: Locke, Cayuga, New York, USA
«MD: 15-Apr-1759

Other Children:
Ann Curtice
Mary Curtice
Susanna Curtice
Silence Curtice+
Sarah Curtice
Abeline Curtice+
Vertudino Curtice
Sarah Curtice
Lucy Curtice
Polly Curtice
Rachel Curtice
Amos Curtice
Phebe Curtice+
Patience Curtice

«MD: 31-Dec-1795

Other Children:
Philena Curtice
Worthy Curtice+
Amos Curtice+
Hosea Curtice+
Reuben Curtice+
Harlow Curtice
Elonzo Curtice+
David Curtice+
Susana Curtice+
Solomon Curtice+
Catherine Anne Curtice+

 Susanna Kellogg
BD: 12-Jun-1741
BP: Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut, USA
DD: 11-Oct-1825
DP: Locke, Cayuga, New York, USA
«MD: 06-Jun-1826

Other Children:
Clarissa A. Curtice
Harold Curtice
Joshua E. Curtice+
Joel N. Curtice
Emma C. Curtice
Laurinda E. Curtice+
William Curtice
Reuben E. Curtice
Hiram A. Curtice+

 Catherine More
BD: 07-May-1776
BP: Connecticut, USA
DD: 07-Jul-1850
DP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Emma Freeman
BD: 12-Mar-1801
BP: Otsego, Otsego, NY, USA
Married: Hannah Rosetta Hendee
BD: 1848
BP: Ohio, USA
DD: 1920
DP: Ohio, USA
ChildrenBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
Estella N. Curtice1869Ohio, USA
Clarah M. Curtice+1874Ohio, USA
Maud E. Curtice+1877Ohio, USA
Harry Leslie Curtice+03-Dec-1881Ohio, USA

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