Genealogy of Herbet Alva Sikes
Herbet Alva Sikes
BD: 15-Dec-1868
DD: 11-Apr-1869
 William Sikes
BD: 18-Nov-1814
BP: Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
DD: 10-Oct-1870
DP: Geneva, Kane, Illinois, USA
«MD: 11-Apr-1849

Other Children:
Albert Arthur Sikes
Ella Adele Sikes
Clara Gertrude Sikes+
Ida Ione Sikes+
Mary Edith Sikes+
Effie Capitola Sikes+
Lillian Almedia Sikes+
Florence Cornelia Sikes

 Marquis de Lafayette Kellogg
BD: 21-May-1789
BP: Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA
DD: 09-Aug-1875
 Pliny Kellogg
BD: 12-Nov-1752
BP: Sheffield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA
DD: 1842
DP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
«MD: 24-Sep-1782

Other Children:
Henrietta Kellogg+
Patty Kellogg+
Amanda Kellogg+
Lydia Kellogg
Noah Kellogg+
Mary Kellogg+

 Almeida Samantha Kellogg
BD: 18-Jun-1826
BP: Champion, Jefferson, New York, USA
DD: 23-Nov-1871
DP: Spragueville, Jackson, Iowa, USA
«MD: 03-Jan-1819

Other Children:
Frederick Vincent Kellogg+
Silas Orville Kellogg+
Cornelia Kellogg+
Amrbose Harvey Kellogg+
Emily Amelia Kellogg+
Eliza Minerva Kellogg+
Eleanor Pamelia Kellogg+
George Kellogg+
Edith Kellogg+
Gilbert M. Kellogg

 Mary Kellogg
BD: 10-May-1755
DD: 1842
 Elizabeth M. Perkins
BD: 19-Apr-1802
BP: Madison, New York, USA
DD: 04-Apr-1870
DP: Clintonville, Kane, Illinois, USA

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