Genealogy of James O. Perry
James O. Perry
BD: 16-Apr-1927
DD: 23-Jan-2003
 Amos Orlando Perry
BD: 17-May-1882
BP: Lucas, Ohio, USA
DD: 13-Mar-1956
«MD: 1903

Other Children:
Rachel Perry
Katie Perry
Jacob Riley Perry+
Amos W. Perry
Edward Perry+
Adeline Elizabeth Perry
Bettie Jane Perry+

 Albert Knowlton Jackson
BD: 21-Mar-1849
BP: Pittsfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 11-Apr-1912
DP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 James C. Jackson
BD: 05-Oct-1816
BP: Champion, Jefferson, New York, USA
DD: 18-May-1898
«MD: 10-Feb-1848

Other Children:
Sally Jackson
Antoinette Jackson
Charles Edward Jackson+
Emma L. Jackson
Amy Jackson+

 Susanna Jael Jackson
BD: 09-Apr-1884
BP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 02-Jan-1968
DP: Maumee, Lucas, Ohio, USA
«MD: 21-Mar-1883

Other Children:
Nettie May Jackson+
Celia Ruth Jackson+
Katie Marion Jackson+
Rachel Mason Jackson+
Olive Esther Jackson+

 Jael Kent Coats
BD: 22-Jan-1819
BP: Amherst, New York, USA
DD: 24-Mar-1900
DP: Penfield, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Alanson Mason
BD: 10-Jun-1810
BP: Locke, Cayuga, New York, USA
DD: 28-Sep-1885
DP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
 Alice Mason
BD: 13-Oct-1854
BP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA
DD: 27-Dec-1926
DP: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Other Children:
James Riley Mason
Hosea Curtice Mason
Lorenzo Soloman Mason+
Harriet Sophia Mason
William B. Mason+
Charles C. Mason+
George Washington Mason
Rachel Caroline Mason+
Levi Ambrose Mason+
Ellen Elizabeth Mason+
Alanson Curtis Mason

 Susana Curtice
BD: 20-Feb-1814
BP: Locke, Cayuga, New York, USA
DD: 18-Mar-1877
DP: Lagrange, Lorain, Ohio, USA

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