Genealogy of Mary Beste
Mary Beste
BD: 02-Jan-1852
BP: Michigan, USA
DD: 22-Dec-1913
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Married: Joseph Burger
BD: 14-Mar-1842
BP: Masburg, Cochem-Zell, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
DD: 16-Sep-1901
MD: 23-Jan-1872
ChildrenBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
Jacob H. Burger+25-Nov-1872Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA24-May-1963
Maria Magdalena Burger+31-Jul-1874Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA03-Feb-1952
Gertrude Rose Burger+24-Feb-1876Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA1952
Catherine Burger+01-Feb-1878Michigan, USA19-Oct-1930
George Joseph Burger+22-Nov-1879Michigan, USA
Anthony Nicholas Burger+23-Dec-1881Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA1955
Joseph Peter Burger+20-Jul-1884Michigan, USA24-Aug-1966Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA
Maria Josephina Burger+22-Mar-1886Michigan, USA30-May-1951
Anna Maria Burger+24-Sep-1888Michigan, USA02-Jul-1969
Bernard Adam Burger+20-Sep-1890Greenfield Township, Wayne, Michigan, USA
John George Burger+25-Feb-1893Michigan, USA30-Jul-1966

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