Genealogy of Harvey Kellogg Mead
Harvey Kellogg Mead
BD: 06-May-1887
BP: Liberty, Porter, Indiana, USA
DD: 07-Dec-1969
DP: Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA
 Joseph Herbert Mead
BD: 15-Feb-1860
BP: Burdett, Schuyler, New York, USA
DD: 29-Oct-1941
DP: Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA
 Harvey Mead
BD: 24-Apr-1817
BP: New York, USA
DD: 25-Jul-1909
DP: Liberty, Porter, Indiana, USA
«MD: 19-Aug-1843

Other Children:
Helen Mead+
Lovell Mead
Franklin Mead
Henry Elliott Mead
Sarah Marcella Mead
Franklin Mead+
Mary Zulema Mead+
William Mead

 Joseph Kellogg
BD: 05-Apr-1788
DD: 1853
DP: Burdett, Schuyler, New York, USA
«MD: 02-Aug-1883

Other Children:
Eva D. Mead
Olcott Hale Mead+
Roscoe B. Mead+
Carrie M. Mead+
Floyd F. Mead+
Hannabel Mead+

 Phebe Kellogg
BD: 26-Oct-1820
DD: 26-Dec-1884
DP: Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA

Other Children:
Joseph Kellogg+
Noah Jefferson Kellogg+
Arvilla Kellogg
Henry Harrison Kellogg+
Zulema Kellogg+
Lovell Kellogg+
Susan Kellogg+
Cornelia Kellogg

 Eunice Conger
BD: 03-Oct-1790
DD: 03-Mar-1869
 Luella E. Dillingham
BD: 17-Jan-1866
BP: Liberty, Porter, Indiana, USA
DD: 25-Jul-1930
Married: Gertrude E. Gramps
BD: 04-Jun-1890
BP: Reynolds, White, Indiana, USA
DD: 10-May-1972
DP: Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA
MD: 02-Aug-1909
ChildrenBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
Genetha Mead+30-May-1910Indiana, USA01-Feb-1999Macomb, McDonough, Illinois, USA
Joseph Franklin Mead27-Oct-1911Indiana, USA1984Valparaiso, Porter, Indiana, USA

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