Genealogy of Oliver W. Failing
Oliver W. Failing
BD: 1869
BP: Oregon, USA
DD: 28-Apr-1940
DP: Clackamas, Oregon, United States
 William S. Failing
BD: 06-Nov-1840
BP: Watertown, Jefferson, New York, USA
DD: 24-May-1904
DP: Oregon, USA

Other Children:
Elizabeth Failing+
Mary Failing
Helen Failing+
Cornelia Failing+
Mildred Failing
Stella Farling
James Failing
Grace Failing+

 Sylvester Hathaway
BD: 1821
DD: 24-Dec-1901
 Helen Hathaway
BD: 29-Dec-1844
BP: Ohio, USA
DD: 15-Feb-1922
DP: Oregon, USA
«MD: 1842

Other Children:
Margaret Hathaway
George Hathaway

 Orrin Kellogg
BD: 04-Sep-1790
BP: St Albans, Franklin, Vermont, USA
DD: 14-Feb-1873
 Charlotte Kellogg
BD: 22-Dec-1820
BP: Canada
DD: 29-Apr-1867

Other Children:
Joseph Kellogg+
George Kellogg+
Phoebe Kellogg+
Elijah Kellogg
Mary Ann Kellogg
Elisha Kellogg+
Orrin Kellogg
Jason Kellogg+
Edward Kellogg+

 Margaret Miller
BD: 12-Dec-1792
BP: England
DD: 22-Aug-1858
DP: Milwaukie, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

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