Genealogy of William Theodore Wills
William Theodore Wills
BD: 27-Jun-1931
BP: Los Angeles, California, USA
DD: 25-Feb-1971
 William T. Wills
BD: 06-Dec-1899
BP: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
DD: 30-Apr-1967
DP: Los Angeles, California, USA
 John Wills
BD: 02-Sep-1873
BP: England
DD: 1945
«MD: 08-Feb-1899

Other Children:
James Roger Wills+
Mary E Wills+

 Isaac Clyde
BD: 1848
BP: Lanarkshire, Scotland
DD: 06-Oct-1902
DP: Pennsylvania, USA

Other Children:

 Flora C. Clyde
BD: 31-Oct-1876
BP: Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland
DD: 14-Oct-1955
DP: Los Angeles, California, USA

Other Children:
Mary Clyde+
Samuel Clyde+
Daniel Clyde
John Gilmore Clyde+
Margaret Clyde+

 Margaret Stuart McPhail
BD: 1842
BP: Patrick, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
DD: 1918
DP: Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
 Mary Naomi Johnson
BD: 21-May-1901
BP: Missouri, USA
DD: 10-Jan-1971
DP: Los Angeles, California, USA

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